New release: Borage

Out today – my new book!

Borage — Book 1 in The Plague Tree Coven series.

Coven politics are tricky, and when a magical critter begins syphoning off The Plague Tree Coven’s hard cash, novice witch Astral Projector is chosen to hunt it down.

Her mission takes her to Black and Blacker Finances, a gloomy office where everyone has something to hide, especially Abby Black, the brooding, enigmatic CEO, who weaves a magic all her own that Astral finds all too alluring.

But storm clouds are gathering, and betrayal is in the air. As Astral digs deeper into the strange occurrences at Black and Blacker, she uncovers secrets, lies, and tantalizing clues about her own past. With the help of her coven sisters Dulcie and Keeva, a few surprise allies she collects along the way, and even her ill-tempered familiar, Borage, Astral will have to find a way to save the coven from being engulfed by the dark side. And maybe she’ll find her heart’s desire along the way.

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