A Year in the Kitchen with RG Emanuelle

“Dedicated to all those who struggle with hunger.”

A Year in the Kitchen with RG Emanuelle is the DRB (Dirt Road Books) charitable cause for 2019 with 100% of monies raised going to our selected charity, The Oregon Food Bank. For $3.99 you get all the recipes from the DRB newsletter (some created for your favourite books!) and the satisfaction of supporting the LGBTQ community this holiday season.

As RG says in her introduction, “Hunger is a tragic reality all over the globe, and the U.S. is no exception. An estimated forty million people struggle with hunger in the U.S., and for a developed nation, that is a shameful statistic. Furthermore, the LGBTQ community, in particular, suffers from food insecurity. Exclusion from employment, housing, support systems, and medical and social services have led to financial hardships, and therefore, hindered access to food. There are many food banks throughout the country; however, the Oregon Food Bank has partnered with agencies that provide spaces that make it especially easy for LGBTQ communities to access food. According to the Williams Institute, which conducts research on sexual orientation and gender identity law and public policy, LGBTQ Americans are hungrier than nearly any other demographic group.”

Preorder here and thank you. x

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