The Wallops revisited

I recently got the rights back to my Wallops series, and after a few gentle tweaks they will be re-released by Dirt Road Books

Welcome to the Wallops is the first one and due out on 5th June. It’s a cosy romance set on the south coast of England and an easygoing summer read.

Here’s what’s going on in it – The villages of High Wallop and Lesser Wallop have graced either end of the Wallop valley since medieval times. Competition between the two arose quickly and has never ceased, especially over the famous Cheese and Beer Festival.

As festival manager, Jane Swallow struggles to maintain peace and equanimity within the community she loves, but this year, everything is going wrong. Her irascible father has just been released from prison, her job is on the line, and to top it all, her ex-girlfriend has moved in next door. But not just any ex—the one that ripped her heart out and stomped on it.

Her life is going to hell in a handcart and everything she cares about will be changed forever…unless she can pull off some sort of miracle.

And here’s what the reviewers say – “a healthy dose each of romance, mystery, comedy, drama, the lot.” M, Goodreads

  “Her descriptions of village life and her characters are so clear, the Wallops with leads Jane and Renata and supporting characters come alive with love and humour.”  Gail, Goodreads.

“A little bit of romance, a great atmosphere, the history, the mesmerising setting, lovely characters, funny moments and of course the excellent writing style make this a story where you can lose yourself for a few hours in the magic of The Wallops.” LK, Goodreads.

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